Chicago Fire (2015)

Character: Emmett
Directed by: 3×16 – Sanford Bookstaver, 3×017 – Reza Tabrizi
Written by: Tiller Russell
Other cast: Jesse Spencer, Taylor Kinney, Monica Raymund
Release date: 3×16 – March 3rd (2015) | 3×17 – March 10 (2015)
Genre: Action | Drama
Running time: 43 min
3×16 – Red Rag the Bull: In an effort to further cover himself from any wrongdoing, Pridgen will enlist the help of Lt. Welch, who is faced with the choice of whether to fit in with the firehouse or follow his superiors self-serving orders. Elsewhere, Mouch is going to be floored upon learning that his donation to a fertility clinic has resulted in a child who, now a young adult, wants to meet him. In the meantime, Brett and a reluctant Cruz are going to take Dawson out on a double date and Boden will focus his efforts on his duties at home as a father.
3×17 – Forgive You Anything: Severide’s old friend arrives, hoping for a second chance with the Chicago Fire Department. Meanwhile, Mills tries to regain his active squad status, Mouch confronts his fear about meeting his child, and Brett and Dawson set out to have a big night out.